Why 208% Damage Received?

Why 208% Damage Received?


We have recently made a change to our “recommended” settings. This set of rules will be utilized in Season 1 of the Ana Paintball League. Previously, the standard damage given and damage received values were maxed out at 500% each. Due to Ana’s Biotic Rifle dealing quick damage over time (DoT), this accomplished the fastest time to kill (TTK) after her left-click projectile or her right-click hitscan had been fired. Having a fast TTK is important so both players do not die in a one-on-one engagement.


So why did we change this?


There is currently a inconvenient bug in Overwatch that breaks the killfeed when Ana’s damage is collectively over 708%. 500% damage given and 208% damage received does not break the killfeed, while 500% damage given and 209% damage received does.


We have yet to extensively test this with all of the other heroes, but even her sleep dart (which is not a DoT weapon) will show in the killfeed at maximum damage. McCree’s Peacekeeper still shows in the killfeed as well. So this must be an issue with DoT weapons such as Ana’s Biotic Rifle and Widowmaker’s Venom Mine.


Why does this matter to you?


This change brings back the killfeed, which is important for gathering information quickly while in the heat of battle. The downside, unfortunately, is the TTK will be slightly less instant. Now Ana’s Rifle kills on the second tick of the DoT versus the first (which is still quite fast). This will bring about a few more trade kills, but we find the increased knowledge you gain from the killfeed outweighs a few frustrating trade kills that might take place. We will still use the maximum damage for our 1v1 tournaments as you wouldn’t be gaining any knowledge by seeing the killfeed.


We hope this change will make playing Ana Paintball a better experience!