Staff: The staff tag will be given out to people who regularly help grow and improve the community.

Game Hosts

We need people to host Ana Paintball matches with our settings on the North American, European, and Asian servers. More so for the European and Asian servers because currently we only host in the North American servers.

Tournament Hosts

The more people we can get to help host our weekly 1v1 tournaments, the better. If we gather enough reliable and trustworthy hosts, we would be able to host larger tournaments. We would also love to host tournaments for the European and Asian servers!

Twitch Streamers

A 24/7 Ana Paintball stream is the ultimate goal. We need mature players who can stream Ana Paintball in 720p or higher with few frame drops.

Montage Creators

We are looking for talented video editors who can create high quality, fluid montages. These montages will need to use royalty-free music and only the very best clips.

Voice Casters

We need outgoing voices to cast our League matches every Sunday night. Experience is not necessary, but being mature and professional is.