Anyone, even Staff members, can compete in our 1v1 Tournaments.

Select your region and platform above to register or learn specific tournament times.

How do I enter?

Above you will find the current locations and platforms that we are running Ana Paintball tournaments for. Click on the location/platform that you are interested in and when registration opens, there will be a “Join Tournament” button to click on.

What’s next?

About 30 minutes after registration opens, the tournament will start. The first match will be called out in the #tournaments Discord channel, and the players will be required to add the host and join their game within 5 minutes of the call out time.

What if I miss the call out?

If you are not in Discord or hard to contact in Discord, you may miss the call out and be disqualified. Make sure you are in the Discord and your name matches your Blizzard account that you used to register for the tournament.

What in game settings will be used?



  • Map rotation: After a game
  • Return to lobby: After game
  • Team balancing: After game
  • Team 1 max players:  1
  • Team 2 max players:  1



  • Allow hero switching: Off
  • Capture speed modifier: 500%
  • Competitive rules: On
  • Game mode start: Immediately
  • Health packs: Disabled
  • Hero limit: Off
  • Respawn time: 10%
  • Score to win: 1
  • Scoring speed: 125%


No changes



  • Biotic grenade: Off
  • Nano boost ultimate ability: Off
  • Damage dealt: 500%
  • Damage received: 500%
  • Health: 10%
  • No ammunition requirement: On


  • Well-mannered players only.
  • Legitimate players only. No cheating!

Notice: Players can be disqualified or banned from competing for any reason.

What does the winner receive?

The winner will receive the Champion tag. If you win a tournament with 4 or more champions in it, then you win the Master tag too.