NA PC – FFA Tournament – 1’s NA PC – FFA Tournament – 1



How to I get into the tournament?


Step 1 – Right click your name in the Discord channel and change your nickname to your Blizzard name, but add a “:]” before it. This will let me know that you are interested in competing and make it easier to get you into your match.


Example: :] Name#1234


Step 2 – Go to the Open Discord voice channel before the tournament starts. Before the tournament starts, you will be moved to 1 of the 4 “pool” voice channels.


Step 3 – Add the person who is hosting the tournament on Blizzard. This will create less work for the tournament host.


Why am I being put in one of the “pool” voice channels?


You will be competing in a FFA match against the other players in that pool. The top 2 players of that FFA match will move on to Round 2.


How well do I need to do in Round 2 to move onto the Finals?


The top 4 players of Round 2 will move onto the finals.


What settings will be used?


Is there anything else I need to know?


I don’t know yet 🙂