Community-Hosted Tournaments

Community-Hosted Tournaments


We have decided it’s important to keep the competition going, even while Khomiko is AFK. So we are now encouraging you, the community, to host and participate in your own tournaments! Luckily, both hosting and participating are incredibly easy.


In the past, we’ve used to organize the tournaments as it is super easy to use. Although it isn’t the only way to host tournaments, we’ve found it’s pretty painless. Making a Battlefy account is effortless; it only takes an email and a password. Once you’ve created your account, you are immediately eligible to host and participate in tournaments!


To host a tournament, you simply create an “organization” from which you can host your tournaments. From there, creating a tournament is pretty straightforward. Just make sure to post the link for your organization or tournament in #tournaments so everyone can join! (If you run into any obstacles, message me on Discord.)


Previously, the very small community hasn’t been very inclusive to people using settings other than ours. While we focused on sculpting our ruleset to be as fluid as possible, we limited our growth by removing ourselves from everyone else. Now’s your chance to host lobbies and tournaments with your favorite settings. Just be sure to make it clear what settings you will be using when hosting your tournament! You can explain your fancy settings in Rules or Critical Rules. You can also tell us in #tournaments when you post the link to your organization!


In speaking with Khomiko, he told me, “people should host their own tournaments with whatever settings they want… bringing all Ana Paintball players [together] will create a more vibrant community.” But don’t worry! The League (once running) as well as the official tournaments will still use our recommended settings.


Remember, you can only earn the God tag by winning tournaments hosted by a staff member.